We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you with any problems you may come across whilst using BGC.

Q? I am already a bunkered subscriber - what happens to my current subscription?

A. Your current subscription will simply be added on to whenever you come out the club,
i.e. if you have two issues left of your current subscription and you join the bunkered golf club in July and then leave after 10 months April, your remaining two issues will be re-activated from that April.

Q? Do I have to sign up to bunkered Golf for a minimum time?

A. No, there is no minimum time limit - you can join for one month, 20 months, forever - it is simply a fixed monthly payment.

Q? Can I cancel my bunkered Golf Club Membership at any time?

A. Yes, you can cancel at any time - there is no minimum term.

Q? How do I get a social handicap?

A. It’s very easy - simply submit three 18 hole scorecards through your profile page and your handicap will automatically be calculated. After that, simply enter each new card and your handicap will be updated automatically.

Q? Can I use this handicap in club competitions?

A. No, this is not an official CONGU handicap; it is a social handicap for social games with your mates.

Q? How do I book any offers from the site?

A. To book a deal, simply call the course or hotel and tell them you are booking as a bunkered Golf Club member. Some courses may take a credit card reference to hold the tee time/reservation, this will be fully refunded or cancelled on your arrival.

Q? Do I need to be a member to make a purchase?

A. Yes, you must be a member of bunkered Golf Club to access any of the deals on the site.

Q? I do not have a printer - how do I take my voucher to be redeemed at the course/hotel?

A. If you do not have a printer, simply take it along on your phone or tablet and show it to the course/hotel booking point.

Q? Can I get a refund?

A. Yes you can get a refund up to 28 days from date of purchase, simply contact us via the customer contact query form and we can process the payment for you.

Q? I entered the wrong details when registering - how do I change them?

A. Simply go into your profile page and into ‘Settings’, and edit your profile details.

Q? I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

A. Simply click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the log in page and we will send you an email with your password information.

Q? Can I get a refund for bad weather?

A. No refunds can be given out for bad weather; it will be at the discretion of the course as to whether you will receive another complimentary round at another date.

Q? Are my payment details shared with any other companies?

A. No, your payment details will not be shared with any third party companies.

Q? When do I have to pay for my purchase?

A. You pay for your purchase in advance at the time of getting the deal on the site, and not at the time of arrival at the course or hotel.

Q? Are there any other payment methods besides credit or debit card?

A. No, all payments are by credit or debit card.

Q? Can I cancel my round after I have booked it with the club?

A. All cancellations will need to be taken up with the relevant golf course and could result in you losing your payment.

Q? How do I change the time/day of my booking?

A. You would need to talk directly with the golf course.

Q? How far in advance can I book?

A. You need to check with the course/hotel at time of booking.

Q? I’m not sure if my payment went through - how can I find out?

A. You can check in your profile page under my deals, all processed deals show on this page.

Q? Can I use more than one offer in one booking?

A. No, it is strictly one offer per booking - you cannot use multiple offers on one booking.

Q? How do I log into my account?

A. Go to ‘Log in’ at the top right of the site and enter your email address and password.

Q? How secure are my credit/debit card details

A. You credit/debit details are fully secure. No credit details are secured on our server the are safely filed in PCI-DSS level 1 secure vault.

Q? I registered more than once - what should I do?

A. Simply cancel one of your subscriptions.

Q? Is there a dress code for each course?

A. Please check all courses’ own terms and conditions; we would suggest you check at time of booking.

Q? When should I arrive for my booking?

A. We would suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee-time.

Q? How do I change my payment details?

A. You can alter you card details at the checkout stage each time.

Q? I haven’t received my voucher - what should I do?

A. Your voucher will always be visible within you profile pages under my deals.

Q? Does my voucher expire?

A. Expiry dates, if applicable, are printed on the voucher.

Q? I like today’s offer - how do I get it?

A. Simply click ‘get deal’ and buy.

Q? Do all the members of my group have to join?

A. No, but we would suggest that the more who join, the better chance you have of not missing out on great deals in the future.

Q? Can I buy offers as a gift for someone else?

A. No, not at this time.

Q? How safe is the purchasing process?

A. The site is a 100% secure payment site, secured by an industry standard SSL certificate.

Q? How many deals can I buy?

A. You can buy as many deals as you wish but only ever one at a time.